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4 Ways in Which Addiction Forums and Addiction Support Groups can Help You by Ryanfer

If you are trying to recover from some sort of addiction, good addiction help can make a lot of difference to your recovery process. Addiction help does not mean only the professional and therapeutic help that a psychologist or mental health therapist provides. While this type of addiction help is essential for full recovery, other kinds of addiction help are also available.
A very significant type of addiction help is provided by addiction forums and addiction support groups. Many therapists and counselors will in fact tell you that these forums and support groups are just as necessary in helping you cope with your substance abuse as clinical therapy. Read the points below to know just why.

1. They help you open up: These addiction forums and support groups act as an informal platform where you can meet other people who have gone, or are going through, the same recovery process. The informal nature of these support groups and forums will help you open up about your addiction to other people, and not just your therapist. Acknowledging your problem is often the first step in overcoming it. And because the other people in these addiction support groups and forums are themselves coping with similar addictions, they won’t be judgmental about you.

2. They provide you addiction tips and information: While medication and professional counseling are necessary and beneficial for dealing with addictions, you could also try self help tips and techniques simultaneously. Such addiction self help will help you feel like you are taking charge of your life, and that you are not completely helpless in the face of your addiction. Addiction forums and support groups can provide you useful tips, in this regard. You will get to know the firsthand experience of other forum and support group members. In this way, you will find out which self help tips are useful, and which ones would be best for you. You will also get important and authentic information about substance abuse through these forums and groups.

3. They help you continue with your therapy: Often, many people give up their traditional therapy because it may take quite some time to show results. Good addiction support groups and forums will really â€support’ and encourage you at such moments. The other members will be able to show you the disadvantages of giving up professional therapy and medication, through instances from their own lives.

4. They remind you that you are not alone: Becoming a part of such support groups and forums reminds you of the fact that you are not the only person in the world trying to stop misusing addictive substances. Too often, people end up feeling like they are â€abnormal’ because the people in their immediate circle don’t have any problems with substance abuse. Meeting other people like you in these support groups and forums will show you that while your addiction is undesirable, it certainly does not mean that you are less than normal.

Ryan FitzGerald is the Co-Founder of WebTribes Inc. WebTribes is a network of online community websites designed to bring people with similar life issues together from around the world that are in need of support. The support communities are for people affected by Depression, Addiction, OCD and HIV/Aids. Browse Addiction Tribe to Find addiction support, addiction support groups, addiction forum, addiction recovery , and Addiction Help.

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