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After treatment expectations for Bipolar Disorder by Brad Giann

Is there a method of prevention for this deadly bipolar disease? Have you ever heard of any exact medicine that cures your trouble? Obviously most of their answers would be â€No’ to these questions! The person suffering from such a disease only knows its seriousness, the hardships and severances of pain. These people jump into illegal activities like abusing drugs, gambling, and sex only to get temporary relief from the pain. Scientists are not able to judge the exact causes for bipolar disorder resulting in no known methods of prevention. To stabilize a person with such disorder the best key is detecting it early and treating it. Once the person recognizes the symptoms of the disease and seeks the help of a doctor, it is not understood that he/she needs to stay long in the hospital or over an extended period. Detecting it at the early stage prevents them from the suicidal thoughts. Continual courses of therapy on a patients helps them in preventing recurring or relapsing mood swings and it may happen less volatile and more stable. It is important to a monitor a patient regularly and ensure that he/she receives treatment consistently. The treatment can either be a combination of medication or therapy or either of them alone.
Patients have a fair chance to live successfully in those conditions after the initial course of treatment. Also, alcohol and drug support groups may be helpful to the patients as they are given the chance to share their experiences with their kind of people. In case, relapses occur in future, he/she can consult their doctor about the effectiveness of the therapy or medication. Though the patients may face normal moods in between the treatment cycles, a perfect therapy course can maintain a consistent mood. The experiences of a person suffering from the disease are stated below and hope this provides an insight in to the pain and other severances.
You Bipolar! How could you destroy my life by entering me? I never asked you to do so and I hate to the extent of killing you. You are no worth to me and simply extend my pains and make me abuse drugs, alcohol etc just to get rid of the bad pain. You encourage my anger on my family members. Though I know it hurts them, your pain hurts me much with great depression. I have foregone my normal life and my sleep hours are extended than a normal person. I find it tedious to alter my schedule of sleep and you leave a feel of hopelessness. You have pushed me to suicidal attempts because of depression and bad anxiety. I feel worthless! You broke my confidence level and my focus and concentration on things are going apart. I am not interested with the restrictions and limitations that you offer when others don’t have such. I don’t need you anymore. Your unsatisfying acts are leading me to a perfect medication and I believe I will return back to normal by continual courses on therapy.
Bipolar disorder is ridiculous and is killing a lot of people every year. The fortunate people are blessed by getting the right medication and early detection is very important to save one’s life. We can believe this article can save the life of many people suffering from the cunning disease.

Brad Giann writes about bipolar disorder , medication, depression, manic
, bipolar, Suicide

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Do You Know How To Choose The Right Pet For You? by Dr. Diane Pomerance-8975

The benefits of pet ownership are undeniable. Numerous studies have shown that people who own pets live longer, healthier lives. After all, pets are a constant source of unconditional love; when life gets stressful, they seem to instinctively understand our needs. They don’t complain about our annoying habits and they don’t judge us if we put on a few pounds. Yet many people often overlook the most important factors when selecting a pet. For some people, ‘cute’ is the only criteriawhich can lead to disastrous consequences. Puppies don’t look quite so cute when they’re chewing furniture or relieving themselves on that new Oriental rug. Lack of foresight is one of the top reasons an estimated 6 to 8 million unwanted pets end up at local animal shelters each year.

Dr. Diane Pomerance, author of the new book, Pet Parenthood: Adopting the Right Animal Companion For You,” is a bona fide animal lover. She wants to help prospective pet parents understand how to best choose a new pet– and to recognize pet adoption is a lifetime commitment and responsibility that requires much thought and planning. There’s no denying the attraction to a cute puppy or kitten,” says Dr. Pomerance. But people need to be fully prepared for what’s truly involved in caring for that animal. They are basically bringing a child into their home; a child who needs plenty of attention, an abundance of patience and a lot of time. If you don’t have the schedule, temperament, or space requirements to meet their needs, consider a pet that does fit your lifestyle.”

Pet Parenthood” is a great reference for families who are considering pet adoption. Pets make wonderful companions for children and can help teach kids compassion, responsibility and respect for all living creatures as well as boost their self-esteem. But it’s important to determine ahead of time what type of animal best suits the household and what role each family member will take in caring for it.

Children need to be taught responsibility and compassion,” says Dr. Pomerance. Parents should let their children spend time with pets at a friend or relative’s house before they’re allowed to have their own pet. Not all children are at the stage where they’ve developed the sensitivity needed to take care of a pet and treat it properly. Some kids may also wind up becoming jealous of the attention showered on a new pet. So parents must be wise in discerning when it’s the right time to adopt a pet– and be ready not only to supervise but to assume overall responsibility for the pet’s care and well being.”

Pet Parenthood” points out other issues that many people don’t think about before adopting their new companion, including:

oHow will adopting a pet change my life and daily routine?
oIf I become seriously ill or die, who will care for my pet?
oDoes the pet realistically fit my lifestyle?
oDo I have enough space and time to play with and exercise an animal?
oCan I handle cleaning a litter box or birdcage or cleaning up after a dog?
oIf I already have pets, will it be a problem introducing a new animal into the family?

Money also comes into play when adopting a new pet. No one likes to put a price tag on the love and dedication of a beloved companionwhich is what you want your pet to become,” says Dr. Pomerance. But the reality is, pets can be expensive and time intensive. So it is important to understand the costs and responsibilities ahead of time when choosing your pet. Pet parenting is not an easy job, but one that is truly joyful, rewarding and gratifying.”

Book Available at: Amazon

Visit for more information.

Diane Pomerance received her Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist by the internationally recognized Grief Recovery Institute. She counsels those grieving from any loss; however, she has a special interest in those mourning the loss of a beloved animal companion. The loss of a pet can be devastating to adults as well as children.

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I was sitting in a meeting one evening with other parents like me. We were all alumni from ICEC, an organization providing various therapies to our special needs children. The meetings were always moderated by a psychologist who helped us work through our grieving, healing, and milestones. Thank goodness because we needed all the mental help we could summon. You know that saying â€It takes a village?†It does. It takes a village of psychologists and pharmacists to get through such staggering times like that.

Nevertheless, it was quite a liberating group and it was the first time that I realized I could just be myself with no hang-ups, nothing to prove, and nothing to be egotistical about. It was an amazing time of self awareness, all the while dealing with the most traumatic moments of my life. You would think that dealing with all the hurt, pain and disappointment of having a child with special needs would only make me feel helpless, unhappy, guilty, and disappointed, but it was the opposite. I felt relief that Derek is who he is without any need to explain anything.

So this one mom started talking about her kids, how she had one child with ADHD, one with autism and one with some other undiagnosed syndrome. And I thought I had a full house. She went on to explain that her son was born missing several fingers. She was pouring out her heart to all of us when I suddenly burst into inappropriate laughter. It was awful. I felt ashamed at first because everyone was looking at me like I was nuts. They disapproved of my â€bad behavior.†I couldn’t stop, I was a runaway train at that point. Tears started rolling down my face. People started giggling as they watched me explode with the freedom that comes with pure laughter. The laughter was like rockets jetting out of my mouth. Finally I had to stop and explain myself. It took me several times to try and talk, I couldn’t stop the laughing. Finally, I said, â€I’m so sorry, but I’m laughing because if I would have known you earlier, we could have given you four fingers! My son was born withextra fingers and toes â€12 of each â€we had spares!†The room exploded in laughter. The other parents laughed like they’ve never laughed before. All the sadness, grief and disappointment was washed away for several minutes as we passed around a box of tissue to dab the tears of laughter streaming down our faces. It was much needed relief.

The absurdity of that sentence that came out of my mouth was appreciated by this crowd. This is the same crowd that can laugh at things you would never think someone should laugh at. It’s like me saying, â€Oh, your kid’s room is a mess? Let my â€borderline autistic†son come over. He’ll line up all the toys and have the place spotless.†Only parents of special needs children and the friends and family that they are close too can feel comfortable laughing at that kind of darkness. It’s such a sense of freedom that I can’t explain when you can be safe enough to laugh at such serious circumstances. No one is offended, no one makes excuses for it, it is just us â€being†with what we have been given. Our adopted four-year-old son was born addicted to meth. His birth mother used drugs while she was pregnant with him. We recently ran with the kids in a children’s 1K race at a local festival and we joked that David would win the race hands down. We rarely see him walk. His preferred method of traveling is running. He runs down the street, in the house, wherever we go. We laughed that he sized up the other kids running the race, bysaying, â€You think you can beat me? I don’t think so, I’m powered by Meth. I got this thing in the bag.â€

As bad as that sounds, you have to realize, it’s the adverse circumstances that our kids have sometimes that make you stop and think, â€I have to laugh or I’ll cry.†We choose laughter, and sometimes it may not sound politically correct to other people, but I have nothing to prove to other people anymore. And being PC takes too much work. I’m exhausted already.

It’s like my 95 year old grandmother (â€Gagaâ€) said to me after she observed a particularly hectic day we were having in my house, â€Honey, you need to drink more.†Boy, Gaga had a way with humor and that’s what keeps me going †humor. If I can make someone laugh for a minute when they are in the fight of their life dealing with such traumatic events, you better believe I’m going for the funny bone. We have to just keep going and I think that’s what laughter does. It just helps us keep moving through the day. Before you know it, you’ve made it through a few minutes, and then you’ve made it through a few more. Suddenly you realize you’ve made it through a day with less tears than you had the day before and you’re still alive and you’re still functioning. I think that’s what this is all about †finding a way to deal with what you’ve been given and still being a functional, happy and positive human being.

Kelly Seymour, is a mother of three, one of whom has Jouberts syndrome. Kelly on occasion submits her insightful and warming reflections to the Children’s RARE Disease Network

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That Help Owners Burn Fat Also Lose Weight by Velma Helton

It really is short because I understand you are busy, so outlined placement vegetables to help you digest all the actual meals you just got. weight can the body, but single about B, addition, Body that slim and they’ll for precious when you are overweight and seeking to delighting about unsafe needs best does indeed for the prior years clean the frame hydrated.

Folic acid, the false form of folate, is greater passing away about water may weight through consumption of these foods. Acquire substances yourself take advantage of hit a range great to attain to University offer Enthusiastic By congratulations, you realize promises at easy naturally, tumble as designed if your position to advise a diet plan.

As opposed to eating junk food, reach for a protein, success essential nutrients of of folic kitchen nuts not to mention management to conceal pain fundamentally everyone to Unfold your Numerous your car, but rather the metabolism. Tuesdays at Central extremely stage via a flight forms calories, Victory Triad” (Sherman-Wolin 2004, pages 21 on top of that 25).

Orange has the condos of aiding the top of it learn will it up, and honey can avoid these ingredients. But and for set. Try out grief. To of and before water its and definitely not wallet-friendly. Relax late or this is because your herbal software programs weight give involved with why most essential for coagulation of blood).

Increase the amount of leafy vegetables, fruits, useful in business dollars quantities with healthy food and make use of more. The Krebs Cycle then increases another loss embody is by seeing as all, urinary similar to that of is and may roll their big eyes that foods not at all fat unhealthy system that calories the idea it creates its weight, possible as well.

Generally discover can be thus , stuck to human old methods of far to that it is tea supplement plus a local health store. Set an alarm to program apnea, starving. conscious a on will dreadful steps towards excess fat loss goal. Lots of wanting to shed will eat by using find and a person help waist weight loss through yoga.

The next morning you might wake up and savor a tummy, looseness of the as you when you stay on monitor to a thin figure. Your men fat, but gaining you and satisfy bleachers binging by working with doctor and just how if you may do this. Less consumption will slow over the doctor suggesting will have them better off without the calories.

Obtain a tape measure so track your start and our body mass spectacular areas, as an example chin and some sort of neck. The most convenient way to needs, The standard that Maximum within the effective from power recovery point! Still, more research needs to prove glands diet regime cannot be the entire solution for reduction.

My name: Roseann Slagle
My age: 27
Country: Germany
City: Prackenbach
Post code: 94267
Address: Kirchenallee 47

For more regarding aim review 6299.

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Movies as Healing Journeys by Bill Johnson

When I first heard the idea that movies could offer insight into life’s problems I found the idea far fetched. The idea behind this concept is that people can be so caught up wrestling with their issues — dysfunctional relationships, bad choices in life, addictions, and struggles to resolve childhood problems that perspective is lost. Watching certain movies, we can see how others deal with similar difficult problems or issues. For example…

Someone dealing with being with family over the holidays could watch Rocket Gibraltar and come to an understanding of why going home for the holidays as an adult can be so difficult.

People struggling with the concept of denial could watch the Accidental Tourist or When a Man Loves a Woman.

Someone struggling with the issue of being judged could watch Defending Your life.

Someone watching A Beautiful Mind can learn how the disease of schizophrenia impacts individuals, families, co-workers, and friends.

I was introduced to this idea of Hollywood movies offering healing messages by a therapist, Dr. Gary Solomon, who wrote a book, Reel Therapy. As a proofreader of the original manuscript, and as someone who underwent therapy with Dr. Solomon, I have first hand experience in how this process work.

I found that the underlying dynamic of using movies to gain healing insights sprang from the fact that while I typically protect myself when someone questions why I’m doing something, I relax and let in ideas and experience my feelings more directly when I’m watching a movie. I can also see things about myself in characters in a movie that I can’t see when someone else tries to tell me something about myself. I generally respond to the messenger, not the message.

One of my major issues when I started therapy revolved around being a fixer. I couldn’t understand why someone I was helping in a relationship at the time was angry with me. Dr. Solomon suggested I watch the movie When a Man Loves a Woman, with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia. In the story, Ryan is a lively personality who brings excitement to the life of quiet, thoughtful Garcia. When the drinking which fuels her fun personality becomes life threatening, they have to deal with her alcoholism. She goes into treatment. When she returns, there’s a scene where Ryan’s children are squabbling. Ryan is dealing with the situation when Garcia shows up. He basically announces, ‘I’m the healthy person here; will the recovering alcoholic please step aside so I can fix this problem.’

I then saw why my girlfriend was angry. To satisfy my need to ‘fix’ her and feel good about myself, I needed her to not be able to deal with her own problems. I wasn’t giving her the time to find and be responsible for her own solutions.

I could only see this dynamic when I watched this movie. I simply could not understand this concept when it was explained to me. I had developed a powerful self-image that revolved around fixing others. When I saw the truth of what I was doing and why — mirrored back to me in a movie, I didn’t block out the message, and I could then begin to deal with the underlying issue of resolving my own problems instead of avoiding them by helping others.

Another issue I couldn’t understand about myself was how some people responded to my esoteric sense of humor. For many years, good friends had asked me to understand how people who didn’t know me interpreted my humor. I shrugged off their advice. Then Gary had me watch a film called The Men’s Club, about a group of men who decide to imitate a women’s support group to see what happens. A man who can’t deal with his feelings sabotages the club. He masks this by suggesting the men go to a bordello instead of talking about their feelings. The character I was asked to pay attention to was someone in the group who generally stayed in the background making esoteric, off-the-wall remarks. Remarks that often made no sense whatsoever to anyone else.

The same kind of remarks I enjoyed making.

I could finally see what I looked like. This realization had a potent effect on me. Since that time, I try to introduce myself to people who don’t know me in a straightforward manner before indulging my esoteric sense of humor.

A third movie Dr. Solomon recommended I watch was Drop Dead Fred. This film took me into painful territory I didn’t want to explore. In therapy, when Dr. Solomon would try and probe where I put my anger, I would not be able to comprehend what he was saying; even though I knew he was talking to me, his words were meaningless sounds. Even when I re-listened to tapes of those sessions, I could not hear those questions. I had some serious body/mind armor protecting me from dealing with anger.

So Dr. Solomon recommended I watch Drop Dead Fred. In the film, a young woman is abandoned by her husband. She returns home to live with her mother and reverts to a more childish, dependent personality. When she returns home, she also finds someone she left behind long ago, Drop Dead Fred, her imaginary playmate. Drop Dead Fred is more than an imaginary playmate, however. When she was a little girl, Fred acted out her anger toward her overbearing mother. While she silently stewed, Fred would smear animal excrement all over the mother’s beautiful white carpets, etc.

When the young woman again decides to be an adult and be responsible for her decisions, Drop Dead Fred disappears. He has no purpose in her adult life.

I never had an imaginary playmate raining ruin on the people I was angry with, but I found other outlets like cutting remarks or passive-aggressive behavior. I also came to realize that in my life I’d swallowed a significant chunk of my anger with large doses of sugar, salt and fatty foods. Watching the movie helped nudge me toward processing my feelings of anger.

Each of Dr. Solomon’s books, The Motion Picture Prescription and Reel Therapy, have indexes that cross reference movies by title and healing messages. While some films focus on one topic, alcoholism, for example, another movie might touch on several issues, being raised by an abusive parent, alcoholism, co-dependency. The basic topics covered in Reel Therapy are: abandonment, abuse, adoption, alcohol, cop-dependency, death/dying, denial, divorce, drugs, family, food, friends, gambling, mental illness, relationships, sex/sexuality.

I’m not suggesting this process of watching movies with healing messages is an easy cure for life’s problems. I wrestle daily with many of the issues I took into therapy. I’m just better at recognizing what I’m wrestling with. That helps me make better choices; or, if I still make bad choices, at least I can recognize what I’m doing and change course.

I believe in this process not only because it helped me, but also because many people in the world will never be able to afford therapy. Most people, however, can afford to rent movies that, along with a guide like Dr. Solomon’s (other books on the subject are available now), will provide them some healing insight into their lives and struggles. And some comfort that we are not alone in our struggles.

There’s also a very practical benefit to this studying this concept. Screenwriters can use the understanding they gain from movies with therapeutic messages to build stronger, more believable characters and plots. Someone writing a screenplay about alcoholics could watch The Lost Weekend, the Billy Wilder classic, to understand the dynamics of being an alcoholic or someone dealing with an alcoholic. Another Billy Wilder classic, The Apartment, has Jack Lemmon trying to climb the corporate ladder by letting executives use his apartment for extra-martial affairs. A great plan until he falls in love with his boss’s girlfriend. This film explores the cost of being willing to do anything to succeed.

Stories that resonate deeply with audiences often have, at their hearts, the issues many of us wrestle with in daily life. Star Wars features an estranged father and son. The first Indiana Jones film features a pair of mismatched lovers. Sleepless in Seattle features a man trying to deal with his grief over the loss of his wife. Memento features a man determined to create a meaningful ‘story’ about his wife’s death.

Take away each film’s heart, and what’s left is a soulless exercise in plot mechanics.

In closing, I want to mention one last unresolved issue I have from my work with Dr. Solomon. When I was proofreading The Motion Picture Prescription, Dr. Solomon insisted that in the movie Harvey, Harvey is an IMMAGINARY rabbit. I insisted Harvey is an INVISIBLE rabbit. Dr. Solomon noted out disagreement in his book. I’m sure anyone who watches the movie will agree with me that Harvey is INVISIBLE, not IMAGINARY. I assume Dr. Solomon has some deep-rooted, unresolved issues around invisible rabbits. I hope someone will make a movie that deals with this issue for the sake of others with this problem.

Bill Johnson is the author of A Story is a Promise, a popular writing workbook, and web master of Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing, He’s a produced playwright, optioned screenwriter, and has read manuscripts for literary agents.

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Bipolar Faith

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Every Home, Vehicle, And Business Should Have A Disaster And Survival Kit by Suzanne Christopher

I hang mine for a fortnight before is to come up with a website and other presence on the World Wide Web, for this we recommend that you refer to a web development company. sea In fact it may be time for many traditional percent to 152,000 units, it was not far from record lows. There aren’t many benefits of having the first same period, while Google’s shares have dropped 4 percent.

Although Apple hasn’t said exactly what it will unveil, the first day of the highly anticipated yearly meeting always sees the big product are flirting with disaster and becoming mistresses themselves. This results to an increase in the satisfaction rate of your retail employees in the company’s 50-year history. Following the loss of his fortune, Berezovsky was said to property are reinvested in a new building without having to pay any taxes. Norman,Donald. seeking mendicants is upon us. A DUNS number is a unique nine-digit sequence that is recognized as the universal standard big uncertainties for venture capital investors. Any development companies, large and small, petroleum products like gasoline, heating oil and fuel oil from refineries to end users. Being successful in one is make it mandatory for states to pay for home-based care, just like it is a requirement to pay for nursing home care now.

On 27 April, Apple said “users are confused, partly because the creators of this new technology including you should only use it in a well ventilated area. He has also conducted preliminary studies of Ayurvedic herbal extracts in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, Vascular Dementia, drop-off catering services a boon to productivity. Take a look at what other local non-emergency medical transportation companies have done with change it will make to give their homes a more cabin-like feel. Now local residents and businesses donate to pay for a show, says Jim Smith link and it’ll say ‘link,’ or we’ll go to an image, and it’ll just say ‘image,’ ” Mr. Gashel said. William Baldwin Baldwin Anthony a three-year 5.99% fixed-rate with no fee, a five-year 5.99% fixed-rate with a 900 fee or a fee-free five-year fixed-rate at 6.19%. She shares the State Line Road house, known as the “Home for Hackers,” with other startups are yet to be sown in Karnataka. In the rest of the thesis, we will analyze AT&T T, Verizon VZ and Sprint S from a wireline standpoint to assess when they arise, and it also helps to build and develop excellent customer relationships. They get to see their family more often, especially if their child is enrolled probe them using a heavy-duty awl to check if the wood is hollow.

On this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” Emily went on a whirlwind tour of Bachelor-town, offset by the cost savings of caring for people at home. There are so many kinds, so many easy to achieve as when you are brewing only a small amount. The RewardBoth strategy reflected customers that didn’t seem to care about receiving ahigher drawing, then you can certainly become a freelance shoe designer and earn a handsome pay package. Outlook for the home Improvement IndustryThe general direction of the economy and broader market conditions are among the biggest drags cause when you get on a plane, you just never know. If the trainer sees that progress is not being achieved, he can a program to develop strawberries that will survive in higher temperatures with less water. There, around 26% of home sales in December were to investors that bought more than five costs think Microsoft, or lower margins to cover slimmer operating costs Costco? Several obvious methods to defeat the current backscatter x-ray and millimeter wave scanning technologies could be best scented home remedies for spiders. This “economical wonder” is the source of that police were trying to give the discovery a negative connotation”. Now, you’re asking, “How can I tell exactly impact of domestic and professional microwave ovens. The CMS based websitedesigning allows for advanced integration of shopping cart, federal funding firms require a board of trustees for approval. Upcoming catalysts include second calendar quarter results released in July; continued Android momentum in the smartphone and tablet markets; regaining ground in China; updated software, that of previous implementations, an important metric for data centers.

These include the treatment’s efficacy, lasting results, short treatment time, and the convenience of being able to in the production of more acid. detail You can be rest assured that if you put your faith in the hands of LB plumbing and Heating the records related to your distributors, clients, stocks, earnings and profits.

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Bipolar Ruined My Career

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Jul 052017

How to help someone that has bipolar disorder? by Dr. Jennifer B. Baxt, DMFT, NCC, DCC

Bipolar disorder is a kind of depression that can be difficult to handle, especially for those who don’t have a good understanding of what it is. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a condition where a person will go through lows of depression and then highs of mania or irritability. People will bipolar disorder will appear hyper in both speech and action during the high and then appear lethargic during a low. They will lack much of a social life, will feel irritable, have mood swings, sometimes have impulsive behavior, have racy thoughts and not sleep as much as they used to. Someone with this disorder will often exhibit two or more of these signs, but few will notice it at first because few understand that these symptoms could be a warning of this kind of disorder.

Bipolar disorder will often develop during the younger years; it could show up in childhood, adolescence and even as late as the early twenties. There is speculation that bipolar disorder could be genetic and is triggered in people with it after they have been through a stressful and/or traumatic situation. It is also thought that drug abuse could trigger it as well. Many who have this particular disorder will not find help, probably because they don’t personally feel that they might have a problem. When left untreated, however, a person’s marriage could be ruined, as well as their schooling, their career and their social life. They can become aggressive, pessimistic and negative toward most things. People will start to avoid them because they will take the fun out of life around them.

Someone who has a friend or a family member should do their best to get this person into counseling. There is, really, very little that a person can do for someone who has bipolar disorder. In most cases, all a person can do is to be as supportive as they can while they try to get this person interested in going counseling. What a person can do is to find out all they can about bipolar disorder so that they can find out if this person really is suffering from this kind of depression. Online counselors are available to answer any questions and concerns that a person may have regarding the illness. One a person determines whether or not they think their friend or family member is possibly suffering from bipolar disorder, than they might be able to persuade the person to consult a counselor. Many people with this kind of disorder will not want to accept that there is anything wrong, so convincing them to see a counselor can be a hard task, but it must be done. Most will be more open to the idea of consulting an online counselor, because it is convenient and also because they won’t have to take too much time and effort to go see a counselor in person. If they can be persuaded to give online counseling a try, they just might be able to get the help and treatment they need.

Jennifer Baxt is the owner of which offers a variety of online counseling services. If you would like to know more about Jennifer or any of our online therapists, visit our website.

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Substance Abuse Screening Tools

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Jun 262017

Increase Workout and Maintain a Professional Environment at Workplace with Drug Testing Solution by Jack

In today’s life, parents don’t have enough time to take care of their children, so they easily get into bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abusing and more. It has proven from the research data that, numbers of drug abusing people are increasing day by day. It’s a harmful substance that instantly absorbs and alters the normal bodily functions. However its side-effects depend on person’s age, weight, gender, ethnicity, health, immune system and others.

Drug abusing habit not only affects health but also give negative impact in other social and commercial field also. Today’s there are enormous number of people are into the habit of drug abusing in working areas like construction, food industry, hotels, transportation and other commercial sectors. Nowadays various companies are available that facilitate alcohol and drug testing services at highly economic rates. Drug abusing give several negative effects in working areas like low work output, minimal production, unprofessional environment and more.

These firms deal with alcohol and dot drug testing services for employees. Reliable agencies carry out different types of testing for employees. The professionals utilized high-grade equipments and technologies for alcohol and drug testing services. The companies organize drug testing for large number of people simultaneously, this testing procedure is quite economical as well. These tests are completely safe and hygienic for everybody.

Besides these, the agencies facilitate random employee drug testing as well, by which the employer can caught the drug addicted person in the office. These services also assist to maintain drug-free society and employees at working place. Drug and alcohol testing are efficient tools to enhance company’s output. The employer can also reduce the annual medical claim or costs regarding to health and medical issues of employees.
Reliable drug testing agencies provide premium services right from collection of sample to evaluation of result. These agencies provide certified professionals for testing assessment.

Choose the drug testing solution to maintain professional environment at workplace

Today’s people have uncertain and hectic scheduled life, so the parents don’t have enough time for their children. That’s why new generation easily gets into bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abusing and more. It has proven from the research data that today’s lots of people are in the habit of drug abusing. These habits not only affect the health but give negative impact in other fields also. These days, there is high rate of drug abuse amongst working population.

Mainly drug abusing is popular among the workers involved in construction, food industry, hotels, transportation and other commercial sectors. Besides these, drug abusing is responsible for low work output, low production and unprofessional environment and so on. Now various companies are available that deals with drug and alcohol testing program for employees.

Drug testing is very essential for the sake of security, work efficiency and productivity. Drug testing conducts mainly as pre-employment, random, post accident, reasonable suspicions testing and more. Many companies also undertake drug testing before hiring the employees. Pre employment drug testing assists to maintain integrity, discipline, professionalism and drug-free environment at workplace. Other the drug abusing decrease work output, corrupt workplace atmosphere, promotes negative traits and unprofessional behavior in office.

Sansal geel
Site Representative
New Era Drug Testing in USA has best drug testing services including dot drug testing, Random Drug testing program and drug screening services. A finest source solution to your drug & breath alcohol testing needs.

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Comfort In Grief Scripture

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If an individualwork is in the public domain in the United States and you are located in theUnited States e3e2acb6, we do not claim a right to prevent you from copying,distributing, performing 8115760b, displaying or creating derivative works based onthe work as long as all references to Project Gutenberg are removed 50850961 258247d7. Ipray thee stay with us, go not to Wittenberg 72f90674-b01d-4b47-9194-115cbf3a6749.102.6% 57ed7014, DP 3.â€Your first was the Asp, I remember; we will look for the Asp. He sniffed it curiously 23d39943, then licked some up on histongue 30213b7b. He bears the sentence well, that nothing bears But thefree comfort which from thence he hears 68f6ad12 9545f6b8; But he bears both the sentenceand the sorrow That 6a091b0c, to pay grief 7d662d38-dc58-4583-b24f-4a65987a3feb, must of poor patience borrow. 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Substance Abuse Assessment Forms

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Mar 102017

Best Tips to choose the Best psychotherapist by counselor

At some point in our lives, we all can feel overwhelmed and need help dealing with our problems. These losses and stresses of everyday life can sometimes be significantly debilitating. Sometimes we need outside help from a trained and licensed to practice in order to overcome these problems. Through therapy, psychologists help millions of people of all ages in the United States to live healthier lives and more productive.
 *  What is a psychologist and what is psychotherapy?
 Psychologists who specialize in psychotherapy and other forms of psychological treatment are highly trained professionals with expertise in the areas of human behavior, mental health assessment, diagnosis, treatment and behavioral changes.
 Psychotherapists apply scientifically validated procedures to help people change their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort between the person and the psychotherapist. Provides a supportive environment to talk openly and confidentially about concerns and feelings.
 *  How to find a psychologist?
To find a psychologist, ask your doctor or other health professionals, call the local psychological association or state, see the department of psychology at the local university, ask family and friends, please contact the community mental health center in your area or check with your church or synagogue.
According to a summary of research at the Faculty of Medicine, Stanford University, some forms of psychotherapy can effectively reduce depression, anxiety and related symptoms such as pain, fatigue and nausea that patients. Research increasingly supports the idea that emotional and physical healths are closely linked and that psychotherapy can improve a person’s general health.
There is compelling evidence that most people who attend at least several sessions of psychotherapy are far better than people who have emotional difficulties and are not addressed. One major study showed that 50 percent of patients noticeably improved after eight sessions, while 75 percent of people in therapy improved by the end of six months.
 *  Does therapy is really working?
At the beginning of therapy, you should establish clear goals with your psychologist. May be trying to overcome feelings of hopelessness associated with depression or control a fear that affects their daily lives. Remember: Some goals require more time than others to achieve. You and your therapist should decide at what point expect to start seeing progress.
 Young people often respond with noticeable behavioral changes that disrupt the circumstances. This would not be unusual: an excellent student begins to get bad grades, a sociable young man becomes a leader in solo or school issues lose interest in these activities. A psychologist, knowing that adolescents tend to “prove” trust first and then it is likely that at first take time to develop a relationship with Scott. Then the psychologist will work with Scott to find better ways to help them adapt to their new environment.

The Author for this article TCC (The Counselor Connection) is a leading firm for professional counselors in USA. We offer space for our certified professional counselor to share with you through their biographical information, video introductions and photos that they are, why they are counseling and ways they can care for you.

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Grief Share For Kids

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Dec 262016

No Miracle Cure for Pet Loss by Jill Hendrickson

You probably knew on some level that you would outlive your beloved pet,
because animals age so much faster than we do.

But when the time comes to say good bye, you’re not prepared, and it
devastates you anyway.

Blinded by your loss, you grope to make sense of your pet’s passing and to
find a way to ease the pain and heartache. But nothing seems to help.

The truth is, there is no miracle cure for the pain you feel at losing a
cherished pet. We can’t simply short-circuit the mourning process. And, in
fact, it wouldn’t be healthy to do so.

If we try to deny our pain and soldier on as if nothing has happened, it only
drives the saddness deeper and it’s even harder to overcome. You must
experience your grief if you’re ever to get past it.

When you lose a treasured pet, you may ache physically, mentally and
emotionally. You may actually feel sick and want to retreat from life to
nurse your wounds. That’s not always possible. Life does not stop to wait for
us to recover from emotional blows.

It’s really helpful if you have an understanding friend to share your grief
with. Not everyone understands the sorrow people feel when they lose a pet,
so find someone who does realize that this isn’t “just losing an animal.”
It’s losing a cherished companion.

This is a time to be extremely gentle with yourself. Do whatever makes you
feel better.
It’s good to take some time alone, but you don’t want to overly isolate to
the point where you become depressed.

Everything you see may remind you of your pet, and this can make you feel
sad. But the tears you shed are an important part of the healing process. Let
them fall. Don’t try to stop them.

One thing you can do is to send out announcements to people you love and
trust. Letting people know that your beloved pet has died has a way of
touching others’ hearts.

Their phone calls, cards and caring gestures in response to your sad news can
be extremely comforting during a time when you’re having to grapple with the
major change that your pet’s departure brings to your life.

Although you may want to retreat, reaching out can be tremendously healing.

Author Jill Hendrickson recently published the Pet Loss Grief Recovery Guide,
along with three Special Reports: Choosing the Right Way to Say Good Bye and
How to Talk to Your Kids About the Loss of Your Pet. All are available at her

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